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Why is BIOMAX your best choice?


Warranty service

Biomax wastewater treatment plants offer 10 years of factory warranty to the tank, and 2 years to the compressor (included with the wastewater treatment plant). In addition, from Smart Water we will put at your disposal all our technical knowledge in installation, commissioning and maintenance of the plant.


Special conditions for sub-distributors

Sales outlets and/or installers will have special conditions to facilitate effective business development.


quick delivery

Large assortment of products with stock in Spanish territory. Ready to deliver.


the best price-quality ratio

The high quality of our products is confirmed by independent certification centers. Through the application of innovative technologies, we manage to maintain stable product prices.

excellent solution for committed companies

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation on a permanent basis. We work with:


Architecture firms, riggers, designers…


Whether it is new work or reform

hardware store

Small or large areas for the sale of construction materials, plumbing…


Small installers looking for a reliable and easy to install product

Our models

They are divided into 3 formats (M, M_M, and M OVAL). They have the same debugging technology (VFL), distinguished by the size and aesthetic needs of each customer.

BIOMAX equipment is high quality and reliable

BIOMAX household wastewater treatment plants (type M) comply with the requirements of the European Union Directive 89/106/EEC for construction products and EN 12566-3:2006+A1:2009. According to the European Parliament Regulation 305/2011, all wastewater treatment plants must be tested in laboratories and receive reports confirming that the plant meets all requirements and can be CE marked. BIOMAX plants are certified by an independent laboratory. According to the results obtained, the treated water can be reused (e.g. for lawn watering, it has no odour) or discharged into open water or ground.

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