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    How it works?



    Wastewater enters the treatment plant and immediately undergoes mechanical treatment.

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    Anaerobic zone

    Then the water flows through the chamber
    biological treatment in an oxygen-free environment.


    Denitrification zone

    A mix of activated sludge and water flows evenly into this area to remove odors.


    Aeration zone

    Then, a mix of silt and water
    enters the camera of
    oxygen treatment


    Decantation zone

    At the end of the purification process, the water enters the decantation section, where, under the force of gravity, it is finally separated into water and sludge.

    After the completion of the cleaning process, the resulting water can be reused for watering plants, washing your car, etc.

    Why is it important?

    Currently in Spain, deaf wells are prohibited. The drainage system allows wastewater to enter the ground, that creating serious pollution problems. Authorities can sanction the person responsible for the spill with a fine of € 3,000 or more.

    “… as long as they are not connected to the appropriate public networks, the houses […] must have water treatment facilities or septic tanks, septic tanks with drainage and cesspools are prohibited.” BOE-A-2017-10295

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    Our cases

    The required model, the type of soil on the farm or a high water table directly affect the total cost of an installation

    BIOMAX M20 With installation

    Composite price: 9 450 €

    Price indicated for system + installation (VAT excl.)

    BIOMAX M8M With installation

    Composite price: 5 600 €

    Price indicated for system + installation (VAT excl.)

    BIOMAX M6M With installation

    Composite price: 4 500 €

    Price indicated for system + installation (VAT excl.)


    Our models are divided into 3 formats, which have the same debugging technology (VFL). They are distinguished by the size and aesthetic needs of each customer.

    Yes, our treatment plants AT and AT-OVAL models allow direct reuse of water for drip irrigation of trees and ornamental plants.

    Yes, the leftover sludge is odorless and can be used as organic compost.

    Our wastewater treatment plants are designed to provide full access to their interior.

    Do I need to add chemicals or flocculants to the treatment plant to make it work properly?

    No, as they are odorless, quiet, vibration-free, and thanks to their compact all-in-one design, they can be installed next to homes with minimal visual impact on your landscaping.

    There is no problem, our wastewater treatment plant can do without the introduction of wastewater.

    Yes, our wastewater treatment plants comply with the strictest requirements of the European standard EN 12566-3; 2006 + A, exceeding the highest filtration standards in the EU.

    Yegor Bazulin
    Director «Smart Water»

    Smart Water – Our wastewater treatment plants are a fundamental system that cares about human health and the sustainability of our ecosystem.

    Improve the quality of your life, and protect the environment by installing one of our biological wastewater treatment systems endorsed by the EU and the Statybos certification centre.